ISW - Indoor Shooting Wittenbach

Competence and training center

Training and education center

opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday 2pm to 11pm
Sunday 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Covid measures as prescribed by the federal government and canton!

ISW open as follows during the holidays:

24.-25.-26-27. closed

28-29-30 Open from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.

31 Dec 2021 1.-2.-3. Closed January 2022

from January 4th open as usual from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Basic, Precision, Defense, Tactical, Parcour, Distance

1 entry - unlimited time

6 shooting ranges with distances from 1 to 50 meters

Gun owners and those authorized to carry guns practice and train at the ISW.

Federal Office of Police fedpol

Acquiring a weapon as a private person

A weapon is acquired when it is bought, given, inherited, rented or loaned.

Depending on the type of weapon, you will need a contract, a weapon acquisition license or a special permit.

According to the regulations and implementation of the Weapons Act and therefore also for insurance reasons, rental weapons can only be made available to people with the authorization to own a weapon, as part of courses, selection before purchase, as a result of weapon malfunctions, repairs to own weapons, for internal training units, championships and for group events .

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The following ammunition may not be used in the ISW , including: Top Shot, PrviPartizan PPU, Igman, Barnaul, Blazer and others. All cartridges with steel casings, with ferrous projectiles and cartridges with all-steel and steel-core projectiles, tracer projectiles, cartridges with projectiles made of Pb, i.e. pure lead projectiles, including wadcutters, semi-wadcutters and lead round-head projectiles are prohibited. For common calibers we recommend non-tox cartridges, TFMJ (totally encased) projectiles without toxic lead burn and residues on and in the body and on weapons, manufactured according to CIP standards with non-toxic primers, without mercury, barium, antimony and poisons from other sources.

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indoorshooting Wittenbach offers unique shooting experiences. The facility includes 6 shooting rooms - distances from 1 to 50 meters. In addition, we offer individual courses so that everyone hits the mark. The safety and health of our guests has top priority, therefore equipped with the latest technologies and SUVA tested.

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Sellier & Bellot


Ammunition can be bought directly in the indoor shooting in Wittenbach or

Hediger weapons shop.

Acquisition of ammunition:

Extract from criminal records not older than 6 months OR weapons acquisition license not older than 2 years OR a current hunting license OR a current shooting license (SSV or IPSC).


rental guns

We offer a diverse selection of pistols and handguns, which can be rented for sport shooting at the ISW.

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Shooting courses

In the indoor shooting Wittenbach we offer exciting courses from which every shooter can benefit. Including shooting courses for beginners through to professional personal protection.


Bistro with Schützengarten

In addition to sport shooting, catering is a must. In our bistro we offer everything for a small appetite - sandwiches, pizza, drinks. Etc.

Sig Sauer

Hediger Waffen

We would be happy to welcome you to our Hediger Waffen shop. Pistols, handguns, various accessories, etc., with us you will find everything the marksman needs. Or visit us at

GLOCK competence and training center

We are pleased to announce that, as a GLOCK Experience Partner, we have the opportunity to offer you various GLOCK brand pistol models for test shooting. Above all, this should help with your purchase decision, so that you can deal with the various weapons and calibers in advance.

If you are interested, please contact us via email to make an appointment.

Glock 43x

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