Security in the ISW


For an optimal fresh air supply, supply air / exhaust air, a system based on the latest technology was installed - SUVA tested


The walls, ceilings and floors of the systems were equipped in such a way that, according to technical discretion, no ricochets, i.e. projectiles or their splinters rebound.


In terms of acoustics, we attached great importance to the reduction through transmitted sound waves, we achieve

Best noise protection requirements in all systems.

Fire protection

The system was equipped with a state-of-the-art fire alarm and extinguishing system.

Fire detection with flame detectors. First sponsor and fire extinguisher.

Bundesamt für Polizei fedpol

Als Privatperson eine Waffe erwerben :

Eine Waffe wird erworben, wenn sie gekauft, geschenkt, geerbt, gemietet oder ausgeliehen wird.
Je nach der Art der Waffe benötigen Sie einen Vertrag, einen Waffenerwerbsschein oder eine Ausnahmebewilligung.

For the safety of every stay at the ISW
is the PSK mandatory ;
the personal security check
loaded - not loaded
each gun must be considered loaded.
Checking the functionality of the weapon/s,
The examination of the environment and the target area.


Medical care and care

Health comes first. That is why our instructors are trained in MEDIC BASIC, have the experience and the material. The defibrillator is marked in the entrance area.

What to do in an emergency

Keep calm, raise the alarm, warn other people, do not endanger yourself.

In case of fire, leave the building. Organize help.

Important numbers: speak as calmly as possible: who ?, where ?, what ?, how concerned!

Police phone 117

Fire department phone 118

Rescue phone 144

System attending physician in Wittenbach: Dr.med. Ralf Strauss Tel. 071 298 42 38

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